Complying With CO2 Reduction Mandates Doesn't Have To Reduce Your Profit Margin...

We can help you comply with CO2 & Greehouse Gas removal from your production exhaust stream. Whether you operate a calciner, a kiln, a petroleum refinery, diesel power plant or incinerator, we can help you turn an expense into a profit.


We've developed a low-cost system that uses re-usable pellets to trap 

CO2 and remove it from your exhaust stream. We can recover the CO2 and either turn it into a liquid that you can sell on the market, or you can dispose of the pellets as may be needed.


Before you decide what you want to do, we will model your particular plant in a computer simulation to provide you with a highly accurate idea of cost, output, expenses and potential profit. You can make changes and additions as you need - and try them on our model first - to see how it will affect your bottom line - or use it to increase your carbon credit forecasts.


Give is a call or send us an email. We'd love to help you with a low-cost, profitable solution to regulatory compliance.

Notional CO2 Capture Diagram