About Us

Nitro-Turbodyne has been providing innovative energy solutions since 2003; our mission is to provide engineering services and products that leverage current clean and renewable sources to help you create and prototype your ideas.

  • Founded 1994, incorporated 2008
  • Three-Time Cleantech Engineering Award Winner
  • Patented world's first liquid nitrogen (LN2) powered turbine
    • Zero Emisssion/No Combustion
    • LN2 is inexpensive to produce and 100% renewable
    • Motors are maintenace free
  • Developed highest precision, ultra high capacity gaseous flow controllers
  • Developed high-speed, high-volume petroleum/hazardous tank inerting system
  • Developed compact/mobile/modular biofuel production unit
  • Developed ultra-high volume, ultra-compact cryo liquid-to-gas conversion process and system
  • Expert chemical process, chemical engineering and cryogenic liquids design, test, certification and implementation

Equipment List

Here's a partial list of prototyping equipment that we can use to help you make your project become reality:

  • 3D Printer
  • CNC Mill
  • CNC Router
  • Laser Cutter
  • Metal Lathe - 16" swing
  • Wood Lathe - 15" swing
  • Mini-Lathe - 8" swing
  • Floor Drill Press
  • Floor Bandsaw
  • 14" Table Saw
  • Planer/Joiner
  • Laser Transit
  • Process Simulation Software
  • CAD/CAM Software

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