Don't Increasing Carbon Taxes Reduce Your Profits

The province of Alberta has instituted a carbon tax program that becomes effective January 1, 2016 and  is aimed at taxing all industries that produce CO2 and greenhouse gases and release them into the atmosphere.

Beginning January 1, 2015, California began its Carbon & Greenhouse Gas Cap-And-Trade program. If you don't meet minimum standards set by the program, you'll be taxed on any Cap-And-Trade gases that you may emit during the course of your normal business. The Cap-And-Trade limits will be reduced every year until they're only a fraction of current industrial output. 


California and Alberta expect to collect billions of dollars per year from businesses that exceed CO2 and other greenhouse gas limits. 


If your business emits CO2, CO, NOx, VOCs or other gases as part of your normal business, you'll now have to start paying taxes based on how much of each you emit. 


These taxes will go towards reducing the effects of carbon and greenhouse gases on the environment. 


Nitro-Turbodyne can help you reduce your emissions - which will also you to sell or trade your carbon credits. 


You can watch your taxes increase come January 1, 2015 - or you can contact us today for a free consultation on how Nitro-Turbodyne can keep you from having to pay increased taxes.


Turn a tax liability into a revenue stream by giving us a call or emailing today!