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The "Secret Weapon" of successful companies

The most profitable companies have known for years that a prototype saves more than time - it saves money, too. By providing scaling, modeling, pricing, manufacturing and development data, you can identify potential risks and reveal areas of improvement to help you commercialize your product faster and increase your profit margin. Since your prototype can be set as a fixed cost, you can maximize its value - and amortize its cost over the life of a production run. Alternatively, prototyping provides you with the ability to determine if a product or project is feasible - before investing in materials, labor and facilities.


Even more importantly - prototyping doesn't require a physical model - it can be done using software and simulations - and even a 3-dimensional model of your product or project - before you place your first material order or pick up your first screwdriver. 

Green, Renewable, Clean Technology Prototyping Sevices

Custom Development

We offer reasonable, cost-effective engineering solutions. Our award-winning engineering and engineers provide you with innovative solutions to your engineering problems. 


We're dedicated to helping you and your company envision and realize greentech, cleantech and renewable energy projects. 


From the moment you contact us - to the signing of your NDA - to the delivery of your prototype - we're there every step of the way providing you with personalized service and non-stop support.

Project Support

Once your prototype is delivered, we can provide you with low-rate initial production, unit costing and best-value pricing for parts and production. 


We also provide software support for your system, including guaranteed 100% bug mitigation for the life of the software - whether it's for your Programmable Logic Controller, Human-Machine Interface or web-enabled applications. 

Low Cost Solutions

We're not only dedicated to turning your ideas into reality - but we're also dedicated to bringing clean, green and renewable technology to the market. 


From simulations to spreadsheets - to 3D models - to physical, fully-functional prototypes, we can provide you with an economical way to realize your design without having to break open your piggy bank.


Our solutions are designed to bring you the best value for the lowest development costs. We know that one good idea is followed by another - and we know if we give you our best engineering, value and support, you'll look to us first before going anywhere else. 


With all our dedication to green, clean and renewable energy and technology - there is only one thing that gets even more dedication from us: you.

From a simple drawing on a piece of paper - to full CAD drawings to your specifications...